About Us-10

Terbiyah Institute is a prodigy and a tremendous online learning platform which enables Muslims of all age groups to be firm, resolute and practicing individuals of Muslim Ummah. Our religious campaign lines up to nurture Quranic studies with syntax, articulation, pronunciation, meaning and explanation, and to put through the Islamic knowledge, which not only illustrates offering Namaz and daily supplications, but, elaborates the golden era of the Prophet and companions, heroic historical events, noted Muslims’ contributions to Science, Medicine and Philosophy.

Our efficient and trained staff members are University graduates in Islamic studies and educates from the grass root level to establish a strong base for the effective Islam and Quran learning process.

Our student centric approach propagates effective learning to each student. Furthermore, an online test is conducted by the end of each module, for our Terbiyah students to analyze and validate their grasp during the course. Progress reports are sent  by the end of every month to declare the student’s monthly performance. The report discloses the attendance, covered course, concentration and improvement record.

Our Vision

Our vision at Terbiyah Institute is to spread and propagate the Islamic education to cultivate and educate the quality, values and balance today. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the leading edge Muslim community and deliver the most authentic and quality education. We aim to embark upon the highly acquainted, informed and insightful courses.